Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

Full MooooN !

This is a rubbish moon pic, the phone-cam is no good at night, but who cares.

Some days are big adventures & other days form lots of disjoined baby step jigsaw peices which become their own adventures in the longer term.

I tried to start work on the lovely Wild West Wendy story written By Richmond today, but failed, found bizarre google pictures of anni oakly etc tho’.

meanwhile spent the day with fire brigade hat on, knocking on doors fitting smoke alarms & doing home fire safety checks. The irony being that my own house fails on all counts. We were doing outside the village today, strathcarron, attadale, camallt, blackwood, Its amazing how much more rural things are just one mile out, all out-houses, mud & collie dogs, which i pine for compared to the small towniness of lochcarron village itself. Proffesionalism prevents me from telling tales about the stinkiest house in the universe; about how insane people are, in general; and about how RAGING i am about who got the tenancy of the perfect estate house i was promised last autumn, insult, injury and a smack in the head with a concrete block, fandabidozi… one of my worst stalkers is back in the area, and in MY house !? theyre having a laugh ! but i don’t care.

Takymo, decided to jump in the driving seat for a long nagged about driving lesson around & round the fire station car park, only second time ever, she did really well… and so did my nerves considering previous driving instructing experiences. It turns out size 9 ‘New Rock’ boots don’t really fit the pedals of the miniscule Bou-mobile.

” IS Bad ARt for BAD people?”


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