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neuro linguisticly programmed.
Aieee! ive been brainwashed.
spent this week on a really interesting & useful Business start up course, when what i really need is a business closing course. Learnt loads of useful stuff that people like my accountant have utterly failed to explain to me all these years. So i’m ready to kick some major ASS regarding my property & the attempted enforced buy out… however i’m too busy to kick ass this week, i’ll kick it on my terms , when i say so.

beyond the consious words and learning on this course, very interesting stuff going on. The Course tutor is trained & training in hypnosis & neuro linguistic programming, basically Derren brown stuff, he told us a fair few things, including the fact that no-one can actually be hypnotised to do things they don’t want to, its a method of removing inhibitions & psychological barriers but impossible to use cohersion.
But i was watching him closely how he played the group dynamics, man it was subtle stuff ! directing key concepts to individuals with gestures & eye contact etc. The final day he created the positive association trick by utilising the disruptive & anarchic humour of two young boys & Auntie Bou, we ended up all applauding & cheering individuals oprah style, but whilst this larking humour was going on the tutor/instructor whispered things in a couple of ears… mine was “you will sucseed second time around ” simple when you know how, but clever, & effective.

i’m off to rob a bank when i see the colour green.

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  1. Paddy Goat
    April 1, 2006

    We’ve all been there. One time, I was hypnotised into fearing strangers and the government.

  2. bou
    April 1, 2006

    hmm, why funny you should mention it, i’ve suddenly developed a deep fear of deadlines, great exitment about the fire course tomorrow & great RAGE at my property problem.sadly tho the gentleman wo gave me a bible as a present this morning was lacking in hypnotic powers.

  3. Richmond A Clements
    April 1, 2006

    A bible, eh?Don’t want to spoil it for you, but it ain’t a great read. The plot’s all over the place, the editing’s out the window: it’s chock full of contraditctions and padding, and to make it worse, everyone dies in the end.

  4. bou
    April 1, 2006

    ah but today ive learnt that one shouldnt touch the dead for they are un-clean.., also a man who has recently had an emission of semen.handy info !theres some wierd shite about who doesnt & doesnt have demons, what to do if yur mates bosses cousin has a demon too.i got more fucking demons than the lot o them.

  5. Ed
    April 2, 2006

    You lot are really odd.

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