Balnacra Arts by Vicky Stonebridge

Camping trip of doom, cut short due to midgeys and monsters from LOST. continuing from the irish rope bridge theme, above the waterfall in pic below there is a tiny bridge which certain reluctant persons were tricked into crossing.
Heres the Ishmeister on the viewpoint above the 200ft deep corrie shalloch gorge

Bruno guards the camp.
north coast of scotland sandy beaches & amazing rocks ( and spooky black nights ). Thon wee specs below are my camping chums.meanwhile our other cats disappeared since the old one was put to sleep.

and work on the animation wolf film has started, ive got 9 weeks only to complete it. eeek !


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Very annoyed at this vandal who's been cutting down trees that don't belong to them in a small copse of trees i walk through everyday. If they're poor and desperate for firewood there's tonnes of felled seasoned logs just 12m away. Or fallen trees blocking paths nearby.  Or other places not far which need thinning out. Some people have no sense of a place, no respect for nature, no regard for the environment or how precious native trees are. I'm going to track them down, i take trees seriously. 😒 πŸŒ²πŸ’•
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