Balnacra Arts by Vicky Stonebridge

Processes.I generally take lots of photos as I work. The camera gives me fresh eyes & speeds up the amount of time i need to pace about taking breaks from painting.  So just for fun, heres one of the paintings i’m working on just now.  

I’m enjoying this one as its big enough to get really stuck into,and its providing a nice break from twiddly details of fire fighting gear.

old unfinished work, this was something to do with dicotomies and finding our inner strength or such laboured nonsense. out with the white paint & lets recycle that canvas!

 Its got a long way to go… but thats basically how I start.


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Very annoyed at this vandal who's been cutting down trees that don't belong to them in a small copse of trees i walk through everyday. If they're poor and desperate for firewood there's tonnes of felled seasoned logs just 12m away. Or fallen trees blocking paths nearby.  Or other places not far which need thinning out. Some people have no sense of a place, no respect for nature, no regard for the environment or how precious native trees are. I'm going to track them down, i take trees seriously. 😢 🌲💕
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