Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

Exhibition week.

Its been hard work but good fun this week exhibiting at the Fire Station.
The weathers been scorching, the number of visitors & sales have been good and the feedback is great ! Creating this collection of Firefighting art is a distinct chapter and I’m not sure what comes next, but listening to people & seeing their reaction to the work has got the ideas bubbling away in the back of my head.

Its been lovely to see so many local folks stopping by, and folks who don’t usually buy art or do art galleries, that for me is hugely important. I’m getting a lot of people wondering why I paint firefighters and expressing surprise when they hear that I am one. I also really enjoy it when Fire service personnel past & present come & see the work.
nearly finished the big canvas painting, its been hard work with the paint drying out & constant interruptions…but hope to have it finished by tomorrow.

Sheep & coo’s are very popular with tourists & local folks, so I’ve been doing some small ones to warm up at the start of the day.

And another one for Applecross Hills as these sort of things are selling well. Painting green grass is hard work though !

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