Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

Inchmore Gallery Exhibition Opening
Saturday 18th was yet another double booked day; The Highlight of the local calender the Lochcarron Highland Games was on, plus the opening of the Art Exhibition At Inchmore Gallery near Inverness, which features some of my Firefighter paintings. This followed on from a two day craft fair in Lochcarron, busy busy !
First we set up a minimal stand at the Games with just cards, prints and art, none of the usual crafty bits and bobs to make it simpler for my Mum & Sister to kindly run & pack up for me. The Games seemed quieter than usual despite its 15 seconds of fame on ‘Monty Halls Great Escape’ last year. A quick once around the field to catch up with everyone, folks asking if I was exited about the Opening ? I shrug, ‘nah too busy’, I don’t often do ‘getting excited’, preferring a pragmatic emotional equilibrium- I say hello goodbye to my Fire colleagues on duty for the day, then booked myself ‘off the run’ ( off emergency call ) and away we headed east coast.

We were greeted by Mark from Inverness college who’s wine tray and helpful comments were a savior! Whilst others had expected me to be exited, what I hadn’t expected was the nerves! …surprised at myself when the crushing artistic neurosis kicked in, where was a comfort zone? where was a corner to hide in? It turns out I wasn’t the only artist to feel like this so I took comfort in that and braved it out.

The Opening was pretty busy & bizarrely Rich & I found ourselves talking mostly about comics and Hi Ex. I find it odd how all the different elements of my work; teaching comic art, painting firefighters, folklore fascination- somehow always seem to fit together. Its very stimulating for me to get to talk about Art & meet other artists, something that very rarely happens in day to day life.
Towards the end, the first magical red dot of the event appeared – Hurrah !
and so shell shocked, tired & dazed-We survived my first proper gallery opening, met some jolly nice people, and talked more people into attending Hi Ex. I now nervously await the Review/s of the exhibition & cross-fingers for more red dots.

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