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Octocon- Dublin sci-fi con

The weekend of 16th & 17th October was Octocon 2010. This is the Irish National Sci-Fi convention. A lovely friendly event run by a charming and enthusastic committee, this year headed by Cat McGrath. The Guest of Honor was George R.R. Martin, so there was a distinct medieval fantasy feel to this years event. I haven’t had a moment to blog properly so lets let the photos tell the story.
 Richmond, Leoni Carroll ( previous Octocon organiser & lovely person ) & Micheal Carroll ( the New Heroes/ Quantum Prophecy books, graphic design, web design & general genius )
James Brophy moderates a panel on ‘Creating a believable threat’ with Micheal, Rich and Film maker John Vaughan
Gorgeous sci-fi books for sale in the dealers room- check out those covers !
Fantastic Fantasy artist Martina Pilcerova shows & talks about her art, she has produced WOW, Magic cards, film concept work and George R. R. Martin Covers among other things.
 Rich models for The ‘Exquisite corpse’ panel
Rich traumatised by having to draw! ( he’s not bad you know ). This game is like a comic jam where the writer or artist doesn’t see the previous panel, the results were very surreal but luckily didn’t descend too much as there were children in the audience! ( apart from hitler in pants & high heels )
some members of the S.C.A  demonstrating. This appears to be a society which is keen to rediscover and practice real sword fighting as a western martial art form. thus they wear protective clothing & facemasks so they can really hit each other instead of stopping just short, the display was pretty dynamic and impressive! One of the members also talked about The History of weapons on the Sunday, with a mini trebuchet for firing sweets into the audience. I loved this & could have listened for hours.
 Writers; Derek Gunn, Richmond & Wayne Simmons
John Vaughan ( award winning filmaker and very entertaining man !) presents ‘The Vault of Horror!’ every year apparently he shows clips of horrifically bad films, this year they were fantasy themed, we were treated to the wobbly sets, appalling dubbing, shonky acting and ludicrous editing of; The Beastmaster, Hawk the slayer, & Hercules. There was a degree of audience participation which included disco dancing… and Wayne Simmons’s lovely lady Rebecca’s cup cakes were also passed around! yum! 
‘Ethics in Young Adult Fiction’ discussion panel- which got a little heated! here Micheal Carroll, Richmond Clements, ( I think ) Claire Hennessy, Peadar O Guilin, and Siobhan 
‘Promoting Genre in city of Literature’ with Wayne Simmons ( Horror writer ), R.F Long ( Historical Romance writer ) & wyvernfiend ( librarian )
‘Working in Other peoples worlds’ here the wonderful Mr George R. R. Martin talks to Rich about writing in Dredd’s world.
George R. R. Martin, Rich, Martina Pilcerova,  Micheal Carroll Maura McHugh and off camera Rob Curley of sub city comics, atomic diner etc
Many Thanks to all the committee for all their hard work !
I did a fantasy art workshop on Sunday, which seemed to go okay! no photos I was too busy drawing elf ears! 
and they’ve invited us back next year as guests when the lovely John Higgins will be the Guest of Honor. Hurrah!

2 comments on “Octocon- Dublin sci-fi con

  1. splinister
    October 26, 2010

    It was lovely meeting you and Richmond at Octocon, Vicky. I've just been admiring your artwork on your web site. Very impressed!

  2. VickyS
    October 27, 2010

    like wise Maura!

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