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2010 Review – part 2

So I said in yesterdays Blog that I’d write up about the Russia trip today.
I also realise that yesterdays was a bit glass half empty despite it being an incredible year. I think things are awfie complex, if I painted A, A sells so I paint B and C, C sells > that would make sense. But what seems to happen is I paint A, D , F & G, and then theres a demand for X, Y, Z and Q happens. however I think somehow it must all connect.

I started blogging as a motivation to keep producing art, instead here I am pontificating, so I’m going to drink my tea, make it quick & go clear out the gloomy messy studio.

My friend Lynn Bennett Mackenzie was invited to an international Art symposium in Yelabuga, Russia, the organisers suggested she traveled with a fellow artist who fitted the bill. The bill was the theme of ‘Breath of the Epic’ I leapt at the chance. I have blogged at length about this, check out August / September 2010.
It opened up a whole new world of artistic possibility for us. We got tonnes of press coverage, out there we were treated like royalty. We were repeatedly told that Artists are a gift from god. Now it feels like a dream, of course it was an idealised bubble, If i moved over there to live, the fairy tale would soon blend into the same reality I have here… or would it ? to taste such a fairy tale is a strange thing, a life changing thing. I hunger for more, how to reproduce the same here? We were shown that anything is possible, that we need not be confined to our conventional roles, defined by the ‘market’. But UK life very quickly puts us back in our boxes, labeled, packaged and cramped on a dusty metaphor. I like the international perspective. I like the core values that seem to exist outside UK plc. I like being free. I like painting what I want. I need to hang onto the Russian Fairy tale and hope, pray, dream for similar adventures this year.

now to reality.. have I got enough money to order a light bulb for my studio?

New Years resolutions ? yup plenty. I hope all of you have a wonderful year & can find some magic and wonder amid the toil. Keep in touch, give me your feedback, ideas, inspiration, keep creating.. and of course BUY MY WARES!

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