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The value of ART

 Sometimes something has got to give. I create a lot more than I can sell. years I drag boxes of art and craft items around shops, galleries, craft fairs, producers day, sales. Up & down the steps, in and out of a succession of cars and vans, the crafts boxes remain, eternally cluttering up my life.

 The boxes weigh me down and get in the way, a house with every room full of boxes, craft items, tools, stock, equipment, junk I might need for a workshop, stuff that might be useful, stuff that could be make into something else.

 all that converting one unwanted piece of art, crafts, scrap, junk into another unwanted piece or art, crafts, scrap, junk takes time, effort, skill, space and more boxes to store it in. I have no wall space left, I have no need of more objects. Nor it seems do many others.

The Art market has dipped a lot for me this last year or so, but so did the pottery one before it. I will always keep changing what I do, no point flogging a dead horse. The UK it seems values x-factor and cheap slave labour imports over original handmade stuff. The less money I make from creating the less I feel I should be creating for money’s sake.

Art is my main job, yes. So I need to generate an income from it. Burning these pages of art seems to have offended some folks, what a waste, I should have given it away to charity.

 I have more than once found my art or pottery unwanted in a charity shop for much less than it is worth. I give a lot of art away created especially for charity auctions and good causes.

 If I cleared out those boxes and portfolios for free and gave them to people what chance is there of selling any work? The local market is already flooded with twee landscapes and Highland cows. Why would anyone think my work is worth anything if they can just get it for free? I’ve tried selling it for 99p on ebay. Nope.

 If Art is only worth what someone will pay for it ? or is Art worth the time it takes to do ( each doodle has taken 45 years )? or is Art worth what I say it is worth ? or is it worth what I am prepared to part with it for, what value I place on it ?   Perhaps it is all just a load of rubbish and I should only keep the really good stuff? who wants to be held back by mediocrity?

I am not going to give it away. I give quite enough of me and my life, my skills, my time away for free as it is. I am worth more than the tenth of a normal salary that I live on as an artist/ youthworker/ firefighter. If you don’t like to see artwork burn, then buy some.

Next clear out I shall be sacrificing to the elements earth, air, and water. I accept cheques, paypal and cash, commissions considered but there is currently a 3 month waiting list. Get em now while they’re hot.

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