Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

Lochcarron Games 2011

(Richmond manning the Balnacra Arts stand )

( a few spaces after a long day’s selling )

( Bruno keeps his eye on the extra stock for us )

( some unusual competitors in this years hill race )

Lochcarron Highland Games was cancelled last year due to the heavy rain and waterlogged pitch. This is Lochcarron, in the summer we expect rain & midges, however today’s games passed without too much of either. These were the best games in years and congratulations are due to the hardworking team who pulled it together. There was also the biggest crowd I’ve seen in years. The village swells for a couple of days as all the young folks and their new families come home for the games. Its sad & poignant to see how many people have had to leave- there simply isn’t work, housing or opportunities here for them, its lovely to see folks when they do all come back together though.
As usual we took a stall to sell prints and cards of my artwork, strange to be away from the easel and out in public! Always good to get feedback about my work and a wee bit of cash! One lady who stopped for a chat reminded me of a pottery commission i did for her …TWENTY years ago. scary! where does time go?

I wish i had time to take more photos, I am aware that the games are so normal & common place for us but for people outside Scotland must seem very strange, yes we do have hurling the haggis competitions, men in kilts, bagpipes playing, local venison & salmon to eat, and highland dancers, and the night before a village dance with traditional music and what you’d call Scottish country dancing… we just call it dancing. Culture matters. We shouldn’t let these things become theme park parodies, its important to keep it alive and thriving.

One comment on “Lochcarron Games 2011

  1. Lunar Hine
    July 18, 2011

    Yes, yes to all of that! Down here in Dartmoor (also a magnet for summer rainfall) it is so hard for young people to create lives here. We're lucky to rent from a friend, but we still watch the pennies and keep praying that the bank account balances out over time. And we have our own crazy customs – see my husband's blog: . Very glad there's a buying market locally for you. There is here, but the competition is awesome. I'll have a look on Iplayer to see if the highland games were televised – I always enjoy them :o).

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