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edging slowly closer to some sort of work-life-art balance. Folks will dole out lots of advice on how to time manage, but there is simply only so many hours in the day. If normal people go out and work for a salary 9 to 5, they wouldn’t decide to take a day off because they needed to do some art. Just because my commitments aren’t 9 to 5 at a designated place of work doesn’t mean i can just drop them. Not only do my ambitions need driving, ideas need fufilling, muse need feeding, but I also have to deal with Banal Bills the same as waged mortals.  I may be a free spirit but it doesn’t mean I’m any less a slave to obligation.
I can’t relax into art when i’m behind with work or deadlines even though its up to me how i juggle those flexi hours. However, I seem to be getting closer, i’ve sorted out my house a lot, there is still a tonne of chaos to reign in, but at least I have a bit more space in which to work sleep play function. The studio spare room is improoving, canvases are being slowly slowly primed. I think the word ‘workroom’ would be better to describe my work space, having seen some brilliant artists ‘studios’ to day, gorgeous gallery spaces full of light ( i’ll blog that separately ), my space is more like a storage container / skip with an easel in the middle. However it is improving as I reclaim my time and space.  I’m managing time to cook , to bake, to tidy, to garden, to brush my hair slightly more often that i used to, to eat healthily… surely art is just around the corner, after the massive work task list ? after a blog or two ?
Here is some textured stuff carried over from last week and silvered up.

and here are some hasty mono prints i did to demonstrate to students today. I’m trying to get across the idea of play, experimentation, and one thing leading to another but not necessarily in a pre plotted path. It does seem to be leading the class into unexpected places. My colours seem to be stuck in the winter, which is when i last did any artwork for myself.

Next ? hopefully some spring greens and adventures thsi weekend at Bristol Comic Expo with the launch of an anthology book in which I illustrated a story. ‘Bayou Arcana’.


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