Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

visiting Kishorn Galleries

with my Art course today we went for another field trip. I think it is important to keep the energy up by changing activities, moving about, using different senses, parts of brain etc. I figure there is an ‘input’ stage of art and an ‘output’ stage. in the early weeks of the course I am trying to get some input; ideas, discussion, images, other artists work, looking at the local scenery, and all the local artists studios have proven to be a wonderful & stimulating resource.
Many of these good people are on the . I run the website and designed the annual leaflet for this informal co-operative of local artists, makers and businesses.

Today we headed in my squeaky car over to the dramatic scenery of Kishorn.

We had great intentions of Sketching the applecross hills, however the hail showers in between the sunshine spoiled that so we headed to ‘The BoatShed’, this is the studio of Carol Cocks.

Its too late at night after a long day for me to do justice to Carols work and inspiring space with words, I’ll let the pictures communicate that. Carol kindly got out her boxes of sketch books, which was marvelklous as students are wrestling with how, when , where and what to use sketchbooks for. Carols collection are gorgeous and providedthe inspiration we needed.

Carol the artist to the right of the picture.

The salt blowing off the westerly winds from the sea had given these oaks that seaside twist.

I wonder what it is about Kishorn that attracts so many artists ?

The new Arts and Eats trail signage in place ( thats my logo design there- hurrah! )

Next up we went to Gill Wilsons stunning, spacious new studio  ( I designed and made that signage for her some years back, call me multi tasking queen! )

Gill also had a fantastic selection of sketchbooks which captivated everyone.

when we arrived Gill was doing a water colour in her car ourside the studio, sheltering from the rain, lovely accurate neat pencils, with a subtle wash for the sky taking shape.

what a view!
We’d missed the next studio on the trail, Gillian Pattinson as she was also out and about with one of the art courses that she runs from her studios. Next we went to the Patterns of Light shop to see Jenny Turners beautiful work, Sadly no photos as we were running out of time, but you can get the idea here >

Many thanks to all of these talented and creative artists for sharing their space, time, and insights with us today !


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