Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

A rainy weekend away. Vintage and Craft Fayre.

strange days. Big life changes creep and subliminally assimilate. lurching backwards and forwards, nothing linear progresses. working and living balancing, tottering baby steps. I haven’t really been able to write about it until now, because it is no-ones business and other reasons. But Here we are, this is the first time since i was a teenager that I am all alone, with no-one to look out for, be looked after by or look after. Its a lot bigger and stranger than i anticipated. Wild and crazy new life plans and adventures have thwarted me due to mechanical problems, no money and work commitments, so i’ve let go of the reins to just see what and when things are possible.  the normal work lists and plans don’t seem to have been working, sleep pattern gone haywire, time has distorted and the summer flies past…
in the random melee I made a cat flap.

a post box

 i filmed a storm:

I flew a kite one sunset;

and other assorted activities, then I got my car back so…

This weekend was a Vintage Craft Fayre in Inverness, run by Vintage@inverness . This Vintage Fair has been doing a monthly roadshow with lots of wonderful vintage clothes, cupcakes and crafts!  With my car back I dug out my boxes of crafty bits and clothes and off i went on a much needed adventure.

My vintage and handcrafted goodness waiting to be sold to the awaiting hordes of Inverness. Though Sadly the hordes didn’t like the horrible rain and stayed at home.

some other fine purveyors of brilliant things were there.
Highland Fairy  clothes and cuffs which are completely gorgeous and Unique By Heidi Soos.
The greenhouse  with a delectable range of vintage clothes and objects, to add to the incredible range that Vintage@Inverness has on display, many many tempting goodies !
It was also a pleasure to meet Elizabeth of Capability Browns who does wholesome real ingredient cakes and bakes to die for, rose water meringues, lavender cake etc …i’m working my way through a box load that i bartered!
The rain was keeping the crowds away so I had time to draw:
on a paper fan

and finished off one i’d previously started, though I may paint some more onto it, we’ll see…

and here is one i started, i didn’t have a big brush with me so used my hands and a napkin to do the watercolour wash…

It was good to get two days away from the normal work and routine. It was lovely to meet some new people, shame there weren’t many sales but hey ho.  I was supposed to camp somewhere or sleep in the car, but the weather was so wet the idea of a whole evening and night by myself in the rain was a rather miserable recipe for self pity so I found a cheap hostel bed instead and went exploring the strange, hairspray and chip scented world of Inverness on a Saturday night, which was… interesting!  Not having the regulation 6″ heels and 2″ of make up I didn’t stay out and play too late. But its good to dip toes into whole new worlds and stretch the walls of my new world a little each day.


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