Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge


Walk don’t walk
Talk don’t talk
Don’t say that

Don’t use that word
It’s not my fault
It’s not you its me
It’s not fair
I can’t, I won’t
I haven’t, I shan’t
It’s what I do
It’s who I am

You are
You should
You could
Why don’t you?

You should have
shouldn’t have
Should know by now
Why didn’t you?
Why won’t you?
Why can’t you?
Why don’t you?

You never
You always
You did
You don’t

Look, Listen
Listen to me
You are too
Stop, go, why?
When you do
When you say
When you are
You mustn’t
You never did
But you said
Forget it
When did you?
Did you ever?
Do you?

My problem with
My issue with
Your issues
Your problem
You are

Too honest
Too Open
Too repressed
Too closed
Too vulnerable
Too strong
Too opinionated
Too vague
Too hard
Too soft
Too cold
Too passionate
Too caring
Too emotional
Too intense
Too giving
Too busy
Too much
Not enough

You need to
Think less
Feel less
Think about it
be more
Stop being so
Don’t be

Sat put
Stay Focused
Stay Calm
Calm down
Gear up
Get up
Get away
Go away
Get a life
Sort out your life
You and Yours
Me and mine
Cruel to be kind
It’s all in your mind
In time
You’ll learn

To live
To let go
To hold on
To never give up
Go with the flow
Hang on
You need this
You need me
Too needy
I need you

You must accept
I can’t accept
I won’t understand
I can’t stand for
It’s not OK
I’m not OK
You’re not OK
You need
You don’t need
Don’t need.

Tell me
what I am.


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