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Lochalsh Art Fair – part2

An interesting morning doing a turn at manning the Lochalsh Art Fair in the august colours providing a stunning backdrop for the adjacent castle.
The show was very busy,  with a fantastic array of artwork. Great to see artwork selling too. The fair has a system whereby the visitors are given one wee star sticker to choose their favorite artwork, this year children were given a heart. What is always interesting is that pretty much everything in the show will get a sticker off someone. While clear favorites emerge, and the one with the most will be next years poster.. it is lovely to see that people’s taste in art is as diverse as the art itself.  This is also a great show because it is open, local artists amateur, students, part timers, professionals all contribute, and the standard is very high. Art should be for all to participate in and for all to enjoy.
When i was there today we had two schools visits, a primary school and some art students from the high school. Its always a pleasure to talk to children about Art. Interestingly their focus was primarily upon representational , realistic looking work, value being placed on skills rather than ideas. I wonder when or how this shifts? when the artworld in UK at present seems rather more preoccupied with concepts, technical skill is no longer valued. when does this split between mainstream ideas and ‘artworld’ ideas come in ? Why are children so keen to make things look ‘real’ ? small toddlers are happy enough to play and mix colours textures experiment and create, do schools or parents create the pressure for realism? I heard today a teacher talking about some pupils ‘ good’ at art… surely all children should be ‘good’ at creative self expression, as should all adults?

If anything it has inspired me to get back to teaching & get back on the soap box… next months ‘Ceangal’ arts residency in Gairloch should be a cracker!

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2 comments on “Lochalsh Art Fair – part2

  1. Maddy Buckman
    August 22, 2012

    Hi Marion ! About the realism …I find there is something very calming about looking at a beautiful painting of a quiet beach, or pristine mountains, nature in general and I often prefer a painting to a photo – perhaps in our busy world, we need some serenity. Concept art sometimes requires work (brainwork that is) to go through the various thought processes and discovery – maybe kids aren’t ready for all the complexities and overworked/lazy adults don’t want to spend the time or energy on it ? Just some thoughts – I could be totally wrong, just trying to rationalize. 🙂

    • balnacra
      August 22, 2012

      Hi THere,
      I’m Not sure who Marion is! But yes I agree with what you say. I’d liek to drag children and adults into galleries and let them start discovering different sorts of art for themselves, after all there is plenty of room for everything. I don’t like how everything is so carved up into niche markets and demographics!

      all the best Vicky

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