Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

Ceangal- Wednesday 12th. my first work day.

12th sept 2012

Went home Monday night after the meal at Slattadale. After a couple of days with artists some switch has been flipped, when I got home to all the usual e-mails, demands, tasks, admin, job lists, etc I just was in no mood for any of it. The focus is completely on the Art now. Frustrated at how much I take on, frustrated at how available to deal with other peoples problems I seem to be. So I just focussed on packing my studio into the car, putting together a presentation about my work to be given one evening and getting back up the road to Gairloch as soon as possible, leaving all the sludge of daily life behind me.

Tuesday evening – drove very slowly as car very laden, thru the dark back to Lynn’s studio, late to join some of the artists imbibing a wee swally, much needed tonic! Crashed on Lynn & Sandy’s sofa again with a confused Bruno taking up guard.

Wednesday morning. To the Two lochs radio station, most mornings there is a 15 minute slot where Lynn runs thru the days schedule and has a wee chat with one of the artists, in this case me. Then to the drill hall studio space where I disgorged the car of kit & did some scribbles. Then I drove Puja and Megha around to Badchro to do some photography and collect some found objects. While they did that I gathered some hedgerow sticks for weaving with and stained some paper, card and canvas with berries and flowers. Lovely colours & effects !

Back to studio. Then took Puja and Anish to Flowerdale to gather some big leaves. I gathered some more sticks and moss. Also found some trees that would like a sculpture / installation in or on… if we can get permission. I have had loads of ideas, coming fast and thick, but will be trying to focus in on a particular aspect. Such luxury to get this work time, to have the opportunity to challenge the daily grind and layers of constrictions.

Lunch at studio, wove some sticks, twisted some wire and messed about with leaves.
An awesome dinner ‘ butter chicken’ ( cheese version for veggies ) a curry with potatoes, yogurt sauce and chapattis cooked by the lovely Puja and Megha, assisted I believe by Somu & Anish. The food, people and dog were shuttled to the Fire station where it was served eventually ( some late artists is becoming the norm ! )- we also met Andy, Tim & Jack who were up to put up the ‘Forward Thinking’ show at the new Gale Centre. The opening preview was at 7, so along we headed for more art, more talk, and lovely Glenfiddich whiskey thanks to Glenfiddichs great Artists residency programme.

Exhausted. Chat, pictures and words, recording is important, this all feels important, but very busy & exhausted so not able to dig down into the thoughts, feelings and revelations… no matter it will come out in the work .


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