Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

FRiday 14th Sept. Ceangal

fought all day. second full working day so had notions of chilling out uploading photos=, writing blogs up, then going to the woods in silence and solitude to weave sticks and gather berries…not to be. uploading was too slow. wind was blowing,  when i finally got to studio i got caught up with lots of questions and people curious about papermaking, so i dashed to shop bought more j-cloths & did a quick papermaking demo. finally late morning off to the woods. found a dense overgrown birch regeneration patch, trees all thin and crowding for the light in a thicket. Not sure who’s land it was etc i wanted to be quiet and invisible, crawling into the patch, wet mossy, got something in boot, took them off, loved the feel of the moss on toes, nestled in, thinking, taking photos doing ‘art’..then all hell breaks loose!  Bruno-dog hears something runs off and barks ( how to teach him when we’re in stealth mode , not the usual guard mode? ), i hear a woman shouting and struggling to control another dog, sounds of a dog fight as i try to lank my boots on and clamber out of the thicket, Bruno comes running back pretty scared looking, so we hunker down further into the bracken and bushes. ten minutes later- aGAIN as the lady is walking her Husky/wolf looking dog back the same way again. so much for tranquility working in the woods!  I gathered 24 Birch tree saplings about 1.5cm thick, tall and straight. The woods felt like no place to hang out after that, and the car waS full so we headed back to the studio. feeling slightly dissociated & isolated, strange cycles of mood and emotion that surface when emmersed into something like this residency. Layers stripping away, peeling and disolving and the journey gets deeper.

to weave these trees, using them as the uprights i’d need to stick them into the ground or somewhere. space in studio getting limited. thought i’d plant them into sandy beach, photographing too, art, making a forest on a beach. another fight. the wind was still strong  and the tide that i thought was going out, turned and came in fast. i battled to try and make a circle of trees stand, not a chance! one of the artists Puja Bahri, her work was around the idea of ‘I surrender’ which was her feelings when encountering this sublime landscape. She was completely right, even something as simple as planning the days work, nope, i needed to surrender more. of course the trees wanted to stay in the woods, of course the wind wanted to blow everything over. I managed to make a domed structure briefly stand as the waves came in and wet my cold feet, soaking me in salt water. then my camera batteries ran out on my pathetic battered sandy camera. of course.

dragged the trees back to studio.n fought for enough space to put them, blocking the door way. faught to get them upright since it was too winding to work outdoors planting them in the ground, used the good old clove hitch instead. faught to weave them a little. faught against time as i was trying to get away early to head to the east coast for the night. gave up.  Did what i could. headed off missing the friday picnic, proposed bonfire cancelled due to winds.

the 3 hour drive was a good head clear, Bruno also had a chance to relax its all been a bit crazy ! Relaxed in Burghead, hot shower wine whisky chocolate romero zombies and just the R&R i needed.


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