Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

Thursday Ceangal stormy studio day

exhausted after no sleep in tent during storm. stormy all day so indoors frustrating at first but highly productive, great to be around people and do art, quiet times, fun times, dancing about. amazing baking all day.wonderful colourful meal at Pats. melvaig pub fun. tired out. Lynn & Sandy’s sofa no tent thursday night!

Thursday 13th t- ceangal a wild stormy day so spent it all day in the studio. Slightly frustrating having to change plans, had notions to be out in the woods the whole time creating things and gathering materials. However studio time was fantastic, struggled to find something to compare it to, in the classroom at school all hunched over desks in silence, at college all barricaded into tiny territorial spaces tutors critisisng, in my pottery studio all arranged for sales and the public, in Russia, the Yelabuga symposium our own spaces, but primarily painting, everyone at their easels.. This is the most creative, free, communal art space I have ever worked in.

Because my time is usually so divided into chunks, distracted, multitasking, when offered this time and single focus I worked and worked and worked. I put pressure on myself to produce something so that the public visiting the studio and everyone else could get the idea of where my work was going from the outset, rather than it lodging on my own head only. Plus we were all asked to produce some sketch work the first day of our proposed piece/ work, so that the public could see, and also so that there was time to get permission from landowners etc to build things. I was proposing building a massive woven stick sphere in the forest and suspending it from a tree. On walking again through the forest with Puja and Anish I found a few oak trees with suitable branches but all very high, I day dreamed of making a bow & arrow to get the rope over, however Idid find a good tree I could climb, and then a tree with a natural semi circule shape near the path, not so high, a giant 2m woven wreath would sit well there. Sadly we didn’t get permission to go ahead with this. My work will be in the same themes but transportable ( maybe?! ) pieces which I can temporarily install in various locations.

The themes and ideas are all about trees, the tree alphabet, sacred trees, sacred spaces, the tree alphabet, tree of life. Cycles , seasons, our lost relationships with the trees, patterns, weaving of fate, weaving of lifes, passing of time, wishing trees, the blessing that nature bestows upon us, the harvest, the gathering and subversion of natural forms with due reverence, our dialogue with trees, etc. The work expresses this through circles and spheres, woven in situ, woven fresh and spontaneously, feeling the plants and trees of the time, the moment, the season, the present, using the berries and mud, peat, seaweed to colour and stain paper and canvas. Finding patterns to weave in different materials, finding ways to express these ideas, on hand made paper etc. woven patterns resemble celtic knot work, its all very tactile, getting the various sticks to yeild to the weave. Leaves still intact, they will wither soon, all things pass, and transform. I’m gathering materials gently here ad there so it would make no difference and not be noticed, asking permission of the trees and bushes. This first day in the studio I worked flat out ( exhausted from my stormy tent adventures ). I hit the wall about 5pm, when it was time to gather together at Lynns and then all pile into mine & lynn’s car to go to Melvaig where local artist Pat was hosting the meal. Puja gave me a beautiful scarf from Kashmere. There is so much kindness, insight and presence from these new artist friends, they are a joy to be around.

WE  then went to local artist Pat’s amazing house for dinner up at Melvaig, myself and Lynn with the only two cars being the transportation. I had a little nap while we waited for dinner. exhausted. Bruno lay by the open fire. then to the Melvaig pub, great atmosphere, terrible game of pool!


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