Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

Saturday 15th sept. Ceangal

a good night away, good sleep refreshed, rekindled. a little writing time then hit the road by about 10. tescos, met Pat and Ximena, just back from airport dropping off Puja. bought myself some clean socks!  drove, stopped occasionally to gather fresh sticks to weave, the dog creating a nest in the chaos in the back of the car, clothes, boots, dog food, art materials, rubbish, leaves all becoming one big car mess!  drove the 26 mile detour down to lochcarron to collect a haunch of venison i had in freezer that i’ll not eat by myself, upload and edit photos as the process has been difficult on  broken snatches of computer time and internet access. fed cat, dropped off dirty laundry, back on the road to gairloch. gathering more sticks. arrived at Studio 4pm. felt displaced, tired, stuff had been moved about, where was everyone? peaks and troughs of the emotional journey. wove in the fresh sticks to the larger structure i am making, got scratched and poked, fighting materials. felt better, reclaimed space and head space. quiet time in studio with lovely presence of Megha.
to the fire station for the meal and artists presentations,  someone said that they thought the caravan that Puja had been staying in, and that i hoped to stay in was occupied by someone else, like a delicate diva, my heart sank, how many more days could i live out of the car? having to move all my clothes and possessions about every day umpteen times depending on what i needed the car for ? space issues ! chaos. false alarm, the caravan was still free, i’m happy to sleep anywhere but to have a corner to keep my things feels like bliss- stupid wind! the tent plan just didn’t work out! materialism is such a bind, but we need dry clothes etc to survive !

Fred had cooked some wonderful vegetable dishes. the public arrived for the presentations by Megha and Sarah. very thought provoking and interesting.  Back to lynn’s, crab apple wine, relax, chat. to the caravan unload messy messy car. Bliss.


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