Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

17th sept. Ceangal. lost in the woods.

still loads of work to do to finish the main pieces i’ve planned. time goes fast. there is a lot to do for the group as well as ones own work. the public are coming into the hall /studio a lot, lots of positive comments, they are responding well to the art, even though its pretty conceptual stuff. I managed to get some more time to go collect berries and sticks in some  wonderful woods, meeting some charismatic trees, weaving in the heavy rain. delivered a presentation about my art tonight, others said it made sense, it just left me feeling flayed and a big fat  looser, like i should just get real and get one of those ‘real jobs’ people tell me about & stop fighting my destiny to  be in the underclass.  It feels like art is a luxury that people like me simply will never be able to afford to do properly, we only pretend. the sticks i’m weaving look more like a cage today.


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