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Though Bubble 2012

Thought Bubble is probably my favorite Comic convention, Its got the inclusive, family & female friendly vibe that i used to aim for with Hi-Ex, only its rather a few times bigger. I planned a comprehensive blog post about British comics today, how the scene is changing, the optimism, the talent, the variety, the new opportunities, the brilliant organisation & vision of Lisa and her wonderful team who run this festival… but i’ve come back with the obligatory Post-con lurgie, and my brain is mince.
Its quite an honour really as i usually escape the bugs that everyone else pick up in crowded geek filled halls. sniffle coff whimper.

I hadn’t seen comicy people for what seemed like ages, but i guess we’re all in the same boat, which is part of the reason why we need get togethers. There was an amazing amount of love & inspiration floating around the net-waves around this event, brilliant how getting together and partying with other creatives gets the old muse flowing! annoying to have to come back and get horsed straight into less creative work. ah well.

I was going down to;
a) catch up with everyone
b) volunteer and help out keep everything running over the weekend with the rest of the lovely red shirt team, i did it last year, great fun!
c) there was the launch of a new Unseen Shadows anthology Tales of the Forgotten, that i did some colouring in. The discussion panel was on Sunday & went really well.
d) The British Comic Award ceremony, I was very honoured to have been part of these new awards by being on the committee.  I should blog more about it when i have more time. I was really pleased with how it all went though. Winner & nominations here.
e) Another comic i’d contributed work to was Amnesia Agents by Jason Coleby, great to pick up a copy of that too.

Other general highlights were fantastic costumes, stimulating debates & discussions, dancing away Saturday night- dancing with geeks is one of the most funnest kind of dancing there is ! you had to be there!


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