Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge



Perspective dances
Quivering ephemeral
Achievement driven
Attainment meaningless
Let it be, it is okay
It is what it is
Passionately indifferent
Anxiously unattached
digging in or running
Seeking egress
jumping at openings
trapped in fear
When isolated
Introspection haunts
Responsibility piles high
A burden of expectation
sap reluctant to rise
Energy shuts down
Frenetic activity
Creates tunnel vision
Blinded by demands
Way markers in time
Pass as a blur
Inertia gears grind
Dragged along
Yet a constant sky
Smiles down benign
Roadside trees grow
Confidently budding
Legacies sprout
Ripples are radiated
They simply shrug
At silent storms
Internally raging.

pix 463 pix 031 2013-03-31 20.18.15


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