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Image Duplicator submission

I guess most people recognise the art of Lichtenstein or have probably heard the name. How many of you have heard of the comic artists who’s work he traced to produce his iconic pop art, that’s because they were never acknowledged. This is all beautifully illustrated on this website by David Barsalou ‘ Deconstructing Lichtenstein’, as you can see, the quality of the copies is often not very good, he somehow strips the images of life, emotion & movement.  The arts world argues that he elevated the original images from low brow pulp art forms to high art. To coincide with a retrospective exhibition this year,  comic artists, illustrators and designers are going back to the original art work and re-appropriating the images, this time with full credits. Details below;
image duplicator
image duplicator2

For my submission i fancied doing something based on this image originally by Tony Abruzzo;
here is the original in full;
i fancied doing some lino style prints, using my wax tablet technique, but with spending so much time fire fighting and setting up the new community Gallery, had already overshot the first deadline. etching the wax was going t o take too long. I tried some mono printing, but my ink seems to have gone off a bit & i wasn’t getting anything out of these.
2013-04-16 14.47.27
so i just went straight into a canvas, i forgot to take pictures of progress, what you can’t see is that i created a collage on her face of women faces from a glossy magazine, my jibe completely eradicated now, its a new form of subtle! I also used maps and text from a pulp sci-fi novel. It was good fun to do and great to get the paints out again. There are some fabulous, funny and clever images being submitted so the selection panel will have a tough job!
2013-04-16 14.47.36
pix 244
pix 246

pix 251

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