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Tattoo design

I’ve been saving up, or at least day dreaming about being able to save up for years for the next tattoos, i think it was in 2010 i figured i wanted a tree of life tattoo somewhere. More recently i decided it needed to be another pazyryk stag on my other shoulder , with a tree of life coming out of the antlers. Well i’ve sold some work recently so before the cash disappears, i’ve booked a session with my favorite Tattooist Calum from Kelpie Tattoo, now over at Keith. It seems an unfeasable battle to have found time to do the drawing, and is continuing to be a fight to get that time off to go and get it. Work / life still has some way to go it seems !  So process? I started doodling, and the tree wasn’t a tree. With earlier tatt’s it was okay for the design to stand alone, but now i’m at teh stage that everything needs to fit together, it is difficult because i know what i want but can’t draw it on my own body and replicating it on paper is difficult. Before i honed the design i realised i needed to know the size & shape of this gap..

2013-05-01 22.06.42

So i got the facepaint out, and with great difficulty tried to measure, take a print, draw the design & measure the space…
pix 350pix 353

scribbly but enough for me to go on, at least i know the size & shape to go on, Hopefully it will fit with no doubt some expert tweaking from Calum.

2013-05-01 00.16.28

Roughs, then inking it up, wading through many reference books, using a very different sources for final design.

pix 360pix 361

Scan it in for nice symentrical design at the top, its not a tree so much any more, but the twin pictish/ Celtic beasties which have also been a motif for years. I was planning some of these on my feet, we’ll see…

I slapped some watermarks on because i don’t want johnny anybody randomly wearing the tattoo i’ve been dreaming up for years- i’d happily re work something for anyone if they asked nicely. But my work is mine and has a lot of personal thought and meaning in it.  The legs and swirly edges may need shifting to fit around my arm and neck better. I imagine this one may take more than one session, both in terms of time and money. Can’t wait to get it started though!

Here is it with some colour and texture.


post script the work half done- really happy with it !

pix 283 pix 282




3 comments on “Tattoo design

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  2. Nicole
    May 31, 2013

    Love it! Would be interested in working with you to create a design for myself!

  3. kira
    March 24, 2016

    What beautiful interpretation of those combined motifs! and executed beautifully by the tattoo artist. I’d like to see how it lays on your neck finished!

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