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One summer day

oen summers day

I’ve been struggling trying to do any artwork with my current other workload; i am doing A part time project coordinator job, for our community development, looking at phase 4 of a site development, consulting with public, tourists and local businesses about plans for the landscaping of the site, visitor information provision, the long term viability of the local arts and crafts showcase gallery, developing training programmes, and future provision of heritage, environmental and cultural interpretation in the renovated former blacksmiths building. This work breaks up my days a lot, phone calls mails and running about here and there, messy timesheets!

Then i am temporarily in charge of our local Fire Station, as a Temporary Watch Manager until the end of September. This is quite a critical time for us, we have new trainees, people who have been off long term on back to work plans, a recruitment drive, new amalgamated single Scottish brigade things happening, massive restructurings going on across Scotland, new policies and procedures coming in on a weekly basis, and a massive uncertain future with cutbacks biting hard. So it is imperative that our station is fully trained, has a full crew and a proactive community team approach to mitigate against any future station closure proposals. Its quite a push to carry this forward and create a stable situation by September!

july2013 212

then I am busy reading my heart out, as a committee member on the 2013 British Comic Awards, it means i need to read EVERYTHING nominated for the eligible time period, pretty much everything published in the UK in a year. A small minority of the comics and books don’t hold my attention easily, but the majority are brilliant reads.  Normal reading lists tend to be just the sort of things you think you will like, a particular style, or subject or work produced by friends. This has been great for me, as it has highlighted the tremendous range of comics and graphic novels coming out. I wish this information could be got across to the general public ( which is sort of the point of the awards ! ) , people still to think comics is either american superheros, judge dredd ( ” is 2000AD still going ?!” ) or VIZ & Beano / Dandy. All of which are great of course, but there is SOOOooo much more out there for all ages and all tastes. Choosing a shortlist for my top 5 in each category is going to be a tough gig! meanwhile still 100’s to read !

Also…. as if that wasn’t enough to be going on with, i have not picked up some work with young people on a one to one basis, its a scheme for people between college, school or work for various reasons.  I don’t actually need more work at this stage, but this sort of work is important, and very rewarding. So there i was facing a young person , to try and encourage them to get back into art, drawing , learning…. when was the last time i did any art ?   healer heal thyself. So this is perhaps the kickstart i need?  I’ve started a couple of canvas’s, but i don’t know what is happening there. Also the drawing above….  and in the next blog post……. Its hard, i am so hard on myself ” what is the point of that? “,” it is rubbish”, ” that is stupid and indulgent”, ” how does that benefit anyone” ,” will it sell ? “, ” anyone could do that”, ” its not art”….. so ignoring all of those. We all need to JUST DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING!

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