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Nice to meet you 2014, where are we going next?

It’s all gone a bit multi-tasking again! I’m trying to push away the jobs that stress me and go for new jobs that sound inspiring, interesting, easy or just lacking in management responsibility. Its all a strange transition zone, and meetings after meetings tell me there isn’t going to be any dramatic quick fix new starts in 2014. In the perpetual battle against stress, there is a fine line to be drawn between over-working and under-earning, which is of course a sad reflection of our current economy for a majority of people. I’ve lost track of how many employers I currently have alongside my freelance work. However I’m prioritising freedom, flexibility and artwork at the moment. Lots going on. Some I can share, some I can’t, yet.jnpic (1)
This is my Dad, i did a couple of hours work helping him out doing a survey. My first memories of being in and around surveying work were aged 2 or so, i was probably helping out being a ‘chain-girl’ by 14-15, if not younger. Its mostly all lasers & GPS these days. I lack My Dad’s brain for numbers and maths, but growing up around major construction jobs has given me an appreciation of  structures, building things, engineering stuff, scales, change and environmental impacts. Also Maps, maps are great- Not that I was allowed to learn techy drawing at school, because i’m a girl & girls were not allowed to do technical subjects back then. Yep. I learnt feminism from an early age too.  Anyway there are much worse jobs that wondering about a field holding a prism on a stick really really still.

Meanwhile I’m doing a bit of input work on patterns & decorative motifs, just getting my head around shapes and swirls. Programming the hand & eye into auto pilot. I have reams and shelves full of scraps of paper with patterns and reference pictures on, figured it’s time to put them into sketchbooks.

2014-01-14 22.42.56 2014-01-15 20.14.12

Here are two very small paintings, work in progresses. This is where the pattern thing starts to come in.

2014-01-15 22.10.13

And here is a finished painting. its 31cm across, and odd size because i made a lot of circular canvases myself, from massive to tiny. I’ll pop it into the shop page shortly.
160113pic (7)web
what else ? comic work, basket weaving, wee clay men, pottery buttons & charms ongoing. Organising for community development and adult education. Doing one to one art tutoring with young people. Art classes locally. Helping out sometimes with a Young Carer charity. Still off-duty with Fire brigade with my continuing Arm injury, Looking after the community Tree house. My Art studio is still a tip and I’m still not getting enough sleep etc. How is your 2014 shaping up so far?

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