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Haiyan Benefit anthology

I’ve been working on a Four page comic for a charity benefit anthology for the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Here is the link, where you can sign up and pledge towards the book, there is some stunning artwork being delivered by artists and writers from all over the world. It will be a lovely book. Haiyan Benefit anthology.

Here are some samples from my story. I had editorial Help from the lovely Sara Westrop, who  is an all around editing PR writing brilliant person. I took my idea from a Filipino fable about how the Ocean got salty, the story was a bit mad with some great imagery. The theme of the book is Filipino myths and fables. So because I draw my own work, there is no point writing a script, I roughed out the general idea like this so Sara could give it the once over.

saltysea1rough copy
Once that was approved, i started padding out the lettering- the colours and line work. I tend to lay down some base colours from the outset to give me a feel for the thing rather than drawing line art on a white page.
the following is a wee bit spoilerish… But we all know the sea is salty, right? Those ancient elemental beings were quite harsh!  Please visit the anthology link & support in any way you can for this important cause.

scrn1   thumb3saltysea2VSsamplesaltysea3noletters  saltysea3VSsample3 saltysea3VSsample2saltysea4VSsample 4


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