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Selling Wares and Show Dog

I mentioned in the last Blog that I was off to sell my wares at lochcarron & applecross. Above is the display at Lochcarron. I used to sell at the monthly market all the time, but sales dwindled off. It was still worth going for the great lunches ( when i could afford them ) or just to catch up with everyone & support the fundraising event. But the last year or more, I seem to have been working every market day friday, or on the road over to the East. My sales had decreased not only because of the downturn in the overall economy, but because in a small area, one quickly saturates the local market. Tourists used to buy more art, but now are looking for lower value products, small souvenirs and gifts. Lochcarron has tourists, but they are generally people who stay in holiday homes or self catering for a week or so, perhaps coming to visit regularily. It does not have the mass of visitors that somewhere like Plockton, Eilean Donan castle, or Skye gets. Lochcarron is less of a destination & more of a ‘passing through’ place. A lot of the community development work I’m involved with is trying to  encourage more visitors, to stay longer and support local businesses. It is an unhill struggle when simple tasks like road signage hit unsurmountable beaurocratic hurdles. But that is another story!

Because I hadn’t been at the Market day for ages, I did okay for sales. I didn’t amke enough to justify the ( very good value! & locally cooked ) lunch though. I’m very bad at getting too hungry, which hurts my poor sore tum, then i eat stuff that hurts my tum, then I feel rotton. Healthy stodge-free and everything dodgy free snacks just aren’t readily available without time, advance preparation or money. A faddy diet just doesn’t fit in with my hectic & chaotic work routine. So feeling sick & painful soreness is a bit everyday when i’m busy.

It was a scorching hot day, as it had been for days, So we went for a late evening soothing swim, catching a small midge-free window.

SAM_2330 SAM_2333 SAM_2335
Saturday. No more scorchio. It started humid & clammy, we set up shop at Applecross Games and the heavens opened, everything and everyone got SOAKING. However Applecross games is always such friendly fun, that everyone stayed smiling & stuck it out until the end. We did okay for sales, I took both my art & crafts to this one, as well as bought in accessories and second hand bits & bobs. I always used to sell a lot of jewelry and wee things at Games like this one. Brollies and wellies would have been better than sun hats & paper fans though!
Applecross is great, Doggies are also welcome & get to play. There is a fun dog show. I entered Bruno for the waggiest tail, which was the first event, he got first prize easily. Next event was biggest smile, which gave the poor judge a conundrum, because there was really only one contender… so she gave it to a cute ewok looking dog,& Bruno got second though she did say Brunos was the biggest. I felt a bit sorry for all the other dogs by this time & didn’t enter him for more. He would have done well in best of show, but we’d put him in the car for a rest from the bagpipes and loud PA system next to our stand, it was a bit much for his doggie ears. He loved his rosettes and went to bed with them on, tired and proud of his great achievements of the day.
Here are more pictures of rainy happy Applecross.SAM_2350 SAM_2351 SAM_2353 SAM_2354 SAM_2358 SAM_2360


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