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The problem with forward planning.

So I had loaded some photos up to do a quick blog, specifically to mention this event that I was due to attend on Saturday.  I’d borrowed a van on the friday to go collect a big canvas painting from the stunning venue of Torridon Community centre, was a bit fuzzy & not really able to engage with people properly when i got there.  I’d been to the doctor that week complaining I didn’t feel right, he’d run a load of tests & checked out my meds, I was due on Monday to go back & see what was what. Meantime the painting got unloaded, the van returned then the car was packed with all my craft goodies, display stands and paintings, having stripped out my display at the iGallery for the one day Craft fair….that I was going to blog about.m1

I was also going to blog about the big news that the Community development charity i spend a lot of my time working on, has been successful in a massive funding bid to buy a community forest, this is a big deal & we’ve been ever so busy running around dealing with all the behind the scenes stuff.20140925_142614 20140924_191544-EFFECTS20140927_115846-EFFECTS 20140927_115853
Here are some nice piccies of the forest.

general colour map wip
and I am working on some marketing leaflets for the area, drawing mpas and things, i like drawing maps.
This is all to do with this charity which is all about community ownership, culture, heritage, sustainability and community regeneration. It can be rewarding, but can drive me crackers, because this is some of what I do: do a lot of the organising of a community gallery & tourists information centre, do the accounts for this. deal with committee stuff, deal with risk assessments & policies, help with some aspects of funding bids, help pull together winter adult education training programmes funding applications, then organise said programme, run website, attend many meetings with many hats on, run social media, take treehouse bookings, organise volunteers, help with historical research, cut grass, cleaning, building & ground maintenance, produce marketing materiel’s, deal with public enquiries, tree plant, weed, write press releases & regular news items, blog, photograph, deal with archive, design work, class bookings, training admin & recording, distribute marketing materiel’s, attend events, do public speaking, liaise with tutors, organise tools & resources, deal with moanies and complainies, and yes try to fill in the car park pot holes and clean the toilets. It is an important project, and a very worthwhile aspiration. But we need some fresh, enthusiastic people, its not sustainable to rely on the same 3/4 /5 people to steer such a big undertaking. Being indispensable might ego gratify some, but some of us can’t see out such commitments due to circumstances beyond our control. A good team needs to be able to close up any broken links, fill in the gaps & step up to replace people when they can’t manage.

Because you never know what can happen.

My alarm had been set for 7am on Saturday, I woke at 6.45 doubled up in pain. Again. Phoned craft fair venue & told I couldn’t make it. By this time I was then hardly able to speak so Andy phoned NHS24 / 111, she got a bit ratty at the three way conversation so i gasped my way through the usual mad questions, no I hadn’t been in a car accident…. eventually the GP on call that morning phoned back. I lost all sense of time. She came and was rather alarmed fearing an obstruction in my poor bloated tummy. The symptoms did seem to get exaggerated with every health professional involved so eventually i was vomiting up any fluids and…well no i wasn’t actually, its not an exact science handing someone over to hospital care. I got a shot of pethadine, as the room span and my brain lurched like a stuck record. I tried to tell Andy what to pack in a hospital bag for me & tried to explain where my meds were, pencil case, pencil case, its in…pencil case…need to draw..or i’ll go mad, where is my pencil case… ( it was packed in the car , I found out a week later )  ambulance crew, wheelchair, lifted me up steep crumbly concrete steps. neighbours concerned faces. dog shut away so’s not to stress. pethadine, babbling incoherent mumbled rubbish. ( no change there i hear you say?! ) . weird ambulance journey of unremembered small talk.  #IHateHospital.   did a load of cartoons. others to follow.

hospital again
Because one day you are organising public events, buying a forest and running around running umpteen businesses. The next you need someone to carry you to the toilet. Its a bit of a head mince.

I’m home now, very slowly recovering, lots of medication, have to be really careful what I eat, Basically vague sort of non diagnosis > liver cysts, & messed up stomach & intestines. Its not going to go away. But hey, I’ve been through worse. Others go through worse. But Life is going to have to change.

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