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Samhain was upon us, Ill health was/ is also still doing its thing. exhaustion. The Community group had decided to have a halloween party in the treehouse, which was a great idea, but i had nay energy or time to be doing much about it. However we were given 5 big pumpkins to carve, so duly we did.
there was a lot of seeds! I have saved some for planting next spring, then according to the internet, they are delicious roasted, simply remove the worst of the orange slime, toss in melted butter and whatever spices flavorings to suit, then roast for a wee while. All good and well, but the result was somewhat woody and unswallowable, why weren’t they nice and tasty and green like shop bought ones?  It turns out that the shop bought ones are de-shelled, the internet many recipes i looked at never mentioned this. Either everyone else finds chewing woody shell tastier than me or…anyway peeling the shells off them all is a bit of a mission, but it would seem a waste not too…ongoing project!


I think my refusal to waste anything is all very good and well in terms of karma and green living, but it does turn simple throwaway tasks into a lot more work than normal people go through. So the pumpkin flesh? Well Andy made a cracking soup/ stew that lasted a couple of meals & i turned the rest into a hot spiced chutney. Pretty tasty!
20141030_193604 20141031_121324
Then it rained a lot.
The roads were blocked by flooding, the only road south from here was blocked with its annual landslides. I am one of the admins to a Facebook page that tries to gather info and comments about this ongoing problem.  One day the rain stopped, but we were left with a load of flood water across the Smithy Community Hub project car park. It was probably with it being close to Halloween and because of some secret other projects that the flood waters were soon occupied with some pretty scary creatures, I managed to snap photos of one when i was dropping off the accounts one day, i think my car drawing up spooked it.smithy eeekwebdino smithy...

Then it was Halloween, Bruno got in on the dressing up. We’d had work stuff East coast to do the day of the party, so i ended up getting back with TEN minutes to dress up & get out to help run this community kids party, I have no idea what i was supposed to be, It was hasty and not a patch on some of my creative friends fantabulous cosplays. I might have been a sort of viking / orc/ goblin or something. no pictures included.
20141031_224154 20141101_181126 20141101_181218 20141101_182419 20141101_185834 20141101_190341 20141101_193557The party was a whole lot of fun, because of the enthusiastic helpers and parents joining in with activities The treehouse was a great venue & the kids had great fun running around exploring outdoors by torch & lantern light. It does seem a billion years now since my children all grew up. We had No guisers at the house this year, a real shame that this tradition seems to be dying out. But at least with everyone mucking in & creating events like this community tree house party, Samhain revellery will continue. It is also wonderful to party with kids, in a community with 47% or so over 60, it seems like there are no young folks at all sometimes ! Thanks to everyone who helped out with this event, as I just haven’t the energy/ health to manage to pull together whacky events and multitasking it all myself  like i used to.
I came home, washed of the goblin green & curled up comatose under a duvet for some time. Better go now though, those pumpkin seeds won’t peel themselves…..

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