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new work- folk art style designs

It has been ages since i painted, but i have been mulling over some designs in my head for a while . i started making some candy skull and owl designs out of clay, to make into pendants, buttons, brooches. I’ve felt for a while a bit stuck about where to start, plodding along with a list of un-creative jobs as long as my arm. I took time out away from the computer one day this week to take the dog a wee walk & had one of those inspirational moments pottering along looking at the trees and birds. I dashed back to the desk and started digitally doodling. these are the first 4 designs. I’m aiming at a) doing things that please me. b) safe highland themed designs to sell locally c) more alternative weirdness to sell via the internet. I have never really liked skulls, too deathy, but the images around the mexican day of the dead are pretty amazing, so i thought i’d play with some sugar/ candy skull ideas and see if i could pretty up a basic skull & make it slightly less scary. the first one came out quite summery, I drew up various layers and subjected them to colour shifts and effects. The next skull was very midwintery, they’re all rather feminine and not very metal!skullrose1WMskullrose2WMskullroseblkbGwmjpgmr dark red goatWMmr pink n bluwebWMNext came owls, these stylised folk art kind of owls seem to be quite fashionable at the moment. I certainly enjoyed doing my versions.owdec1WMowdec2WMowdec3WMowdec4WMowdec5WMowdec11WM

Next up was this fox, it took me ages to get a basic design i liked, then i went a bit mad with the folk art patterns. I’m loving doing all of these, it ticks all the boxes for me, doesn’t hurt my bad arm as much as traditional drawing/ painting, and the possibilities are a bit infinite really!  I am working towards having a good range of these, then i’m going to set up a print on demand type web shop for cards, t-shirts and art prints. I don’t usually bother with watermarking my work, but it seemed sensible to do so with these. I will have cards for sale with these on in the lochcarron iGallery christmas fair this next week. If anyone wants mail order cards at £2.50 a pop, please just e-mail me. I hope you like this new direction!foxyfilldec5 - wmfoxyfilldec wmfoxyfilldec2 - wmfoxyfilldec7 wmfoxyfilldec8 wm

2 comments on “new work- folk art style designs

  1. Pam MacPherson
    November 30, 2014

    LOvely stuff Vicky – how on earth do you watermark your prints?This is all new to me but I can see it being a vital thing to do.

    • balnacra
      December 1, 2014

      Hi Pam,

      Thanks for your comment. There are probably lots of ways in Photoshop or whatever imaging software to watermark/ add copyright. some watermarks are quite easy to photoshop out of pictures. But i hope there is too much detail in these to make it easy. What i did was create the copyright signature save as a as a fill pattern ( define pattern ) . new layer . fill with copyright pattern, overlay. flatten. save for web ( separately to the good version of the design of course ! ). If you internet search though there are many techniques.

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