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mugs, bags, cushions and t-shirts! FTW!

I’ve been going Redbubble mad!  Things have been rather hectic, the winter draws in, the dark long nights suck away and real daylight, Yule approaches, yet i’ve found myself flat out with no time to mourn the midwinter struggles. The community development project I help run as a volunteer, is about to launch into a whole new phase/ chapter and it is taking a mass of time and energy to brain storm and push into forwards, but that is a whole other story of mission statements, interviews, reports, negotiation, delegation, sub groups, steering groups, structures, spreadsheets, visions, and lists of lists.

But today I’m here to show and tell more about my redbubble shop fun. Just to clarify in case of confusion, the shop I run off this site, with the link on the menu, is original art, unique one off craft items or cards I print myself. Redbubble is a separate site which prints artists work up for them. I was i suppose just intending to load up new digital design work to sell on via their print on demand, which turns things for you into mugs, bags, phone cases, art prints and more. But the initial uploads got such a positive response that I am now uploading selections from my big back catalogue that i think will look nice as printed items. It’s turned a bit full on!hkhg

sales are coming in from day one, which is fantastic! I only get a % after redbubble have taken their fee and manufacturing costs and the dreaded VAT off. But it is certainly more than i’d get with the work just sitting in my portfolios at home! The response is great, i’ve always struggled to work in a vacuum, without customers, exhibitions, feedback or commissions, it is easy to slump into “whats the point?”  I have tried many on-line platforms, sites and anything else you can think of before. I suppose it is a matter of the right things, in the right place at the right time. I hope I won’t over do it by putting a lot of work up there, but if interest wanes I can pull some down & tweek it. Feedback so far indicates that it would probably be worth my while investing in some of larger amount of mug designs suitable for the local galleries and gift shops. hurrah!  mug,standard,x400,center-bg,ffffff.u2mug,standard,x400,left-bg,ffffff.u2mug,standard,x400,right-bg,ffffff.u2

Which is all very businessy and may not seem interesting from the art point of view, but the sad reality is, I need to earn, my health now gets in the way of taking on other employment, and lets face it I am happiest anyway doing art, so if redbubble works out as a way of working from home, working with my art, and working around health, then it could be win win! It probably isn’t for every artist or maker, I know some people do okay with etsy, i never sold anything there. Once size never fits all. But back to the inspirational bit, if my work sells, then it somehow endorses it to that miserable easily defeated bit of an artists brain, it gives me ‘permission’ to do more, it says ‘this is okay!’ ‘keep going!’, “stop worrying about jobs and work, DO ART !” and that works wonders!. So if you know an artist, go give them a hug, share their work, tell them what you like and why & let them know that it is OK to keep creating! Which is what i’m going to go and do right now!  here now for your perusal you can see these photos of how my work looks printed up on stuff.  I’m saving up for some apparel with my stuff on, even I want to buy it!   linky to the shop here.fp,550x550,black,off_white,box20,s,transparent.u2hl;hklklmwo,x350,samsung_galaxy_s5_snap.u2tb,1200x1200,small.2u2tpr,875x875,s.6u2mug,standard,x400,right-bg,ffffff.u2tb,1200x1200,small.2u2tpr,875x875,s.6u2figb,black,scoop,ffffff.u2tpr,875x875,s.6u2 (1)

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