Balnacra Arts & Pottery by Vicky Stonebridge

Comic Journal- from 11th May 2018 to end of 2018

This is a journal I started to record my workaway trip to Austria in May 2018, it’s carried on since then. I want to record events so that I remember them as my memory is getting bad, I wish to capture the moment while i’m in it, because time fleets past too fast, because i get confused about what was and when, I can’t see the bigger picture sometimes. I want to tell a story, not really about ‘ me’ but about rural life, about living with health problems, about aging, about being human, about the good and bad bits. I don’t know where the story is going, what happens in the next chapter, I hope people can relate to some bits, enjoy others. It is a strange experience to put personal stories out in public, I have to censor some of it to protect other people or respect their privacy, which makes it difficult as sometimes the hidden is the most serious and important aspects of the story. The journal also helps me externalise the bad things and helps me identify what I need to make it through each day. It is important to me to keep it real, the culture of perfect looks and lifestyles on Instagram etc is damaging. I want to show that it’s okay to be happy and enjoy the little moments even though really bad things are going on, that bad moments are normal, I’m trying to learn this as I draw it. This is my story of trying to enjoy life and get through all the challenges, whether it is physical health, mental health, money hardship, stress, adjusting to life’s changes, or dealing with family problems. We all deserve to enjoy our lives, we shouldn’t have to suffer, all the time.  This is a story which continues from my book ” stuff that happened “, let’s see what happens next.

The Comic Journal continues for 2019 here.

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