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clearout wordpress art sale tea-for-two wet varnish

My ‘studio’ is really just a spare room of the house with very little natural lighting. I haven’t had time or energy to go in and clear it out since the mad massive amount of work I threw into the Vysotsky project in the summer. Most people have to juggle the work /life balance these days. My recent problem has been the voluntary community work verses art / paid / own work balance, ‘life’ is the price i pay for choosing self employment over waged employment. But all this being chased by various committees day & night for 7 days straight just got a bit much so i dug my heels in this weekend, ignored the task list and cleared the studio for fun and recreation.

and thats not the worst of it! oh the shame!

I also had an art clear out as usual, i offered some up for cheap grabs there & then on my facebook page, worth ‘liking’ if you want to grab bargains when i have one of my sale impulses.
Some got sold, some got donated to a community shop. That’s not to say I won’t have one of my art bonfires again next bad mood! 
I’ve still got some of these Ram hand done wax relief prints ( its like lino prints but carving into wax, my invention as i ran out of lino )  if anyone wants one for £5. £2 p&p limited edition of 25.
So once i’d cleared some space, i was all inspired to crack on with painting again. 
First there was a days training in WordPress run by PAN Promoters art network.   I was there with the Highland- Russian Connections charity, but the wordpress way of building websites will be brilliant for many of these community projects that i’m up to my eyes in, including our own Hi-Ex Comic Expo site, which is half way set up now as a site. 

here’s myself the other Highland-Russian Connections ladies and our tutor for the day- Thanks to Elena for the photo.

back home & to painting in a hurry to get a painting finished for The Dornie Schoolhouse Tea room and gallery Christmas show, the theme is Tea for Two. I finished it in the small hours ready to get delivered by Rich heading that way today… except the over the top kitsch glossy varnish i’d applied hasn’t dried yet. oh well, looks like i’ll be driving that way myself this week then.

here it is .

Its very shiny with gold & copper paint so looks different in different lights.I’ll photograph it better, when and IF it ever dries !

a couple of other bits of news but that’s enough for one day !

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